Inici » Wild Orósia: A Unique Opportunity for Your Training

Wild Orósia: A Unique Opportunity for Your Training

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A Unique Opportunity for Your Training

Oròsia Silvestre, an education center for over 18s, is preparing a new course for 2024/2025. We had the opportunity to speak with the director of the center, José Payá, to learn about the new things they offer us.

Open Enrollment

From June 17 to 27, the regular enrollment period will open for all those interested in studying the various courses offered by Oròsia Silvestre. Both face-to-face and online registration will be available to facilitate the process.

News in the Course

One of the novelties of this course is the incorporation of Valencian language training for foreigners. After having been carried out as a test during the middle of the previous year, this training will be officially implemented from September.

Adaptation to Students’ Needs

L’Oròsia Silvestre offers morning and evening groups in almost all formations, with the exception of Valencian tests and access to university for over 25s, which are only available in the evening. This makes it possible to adapt to the needs of each student.

An Inclusive Center

The director of the center, José Payá, encourages everyone who wants to study to do so. He points out that experience shows that many students continue with their training after starting, and he gives as an example a 91-year-old student who continues to study and who is currently studying C2 in Valencian and B1 in English. This shows that it is never too late to start or continue with your studies.

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