Inici » Ayuso defends the Catalunya operation: “I think all the tools to protect the State are good”

Ayuso defends the Catalunya operation: “I think all the tools to protect the State are good”

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The Madrid president supports the actions of the State against the independence movement

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, has once again spoken out about the new information about the Catalunya operation that implicates the former president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy. In an interview this Thursday on Catalunya Radio, Ayuso stated that she is fine with anything that is “tools on the part of the State to protect itself. Any state in the world, she does it.” Thus, she has justified that any “normal and coherent” state adopts measures to “protect its institutions, borders, its interests and its sovereignty.” However, the Madrid president has lamented that with Operation Catalunya “an invention of the story” will be repeated, and in the end, “the independentist who hit a police officer and caused destruction will be the heroes. A bit like what we see in Euskadi with the ETA prisoners, and Mariano Rajoy will end up being blamed. Ayuso has brought up 155 and has assured that it is “perfectly legal and is a tool that is within the Constitution.”

Open door to García-Page

With the controversy between the PSOE and the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page, on the horizon, Ayuso has assured that it would be “a complete mistake” for the PSOE to let him leave because in this way he would lose another autonomous community and it would be for “make him look at it.” Given the possibility that Page ends up taking the leap and leaving the socialists to join the ranks of the PP, the Madrid president has acknowledged that when he was needed they understood each other. However, when asked directly about this option, she took the opportunity to attack Pedro Sánchez and stated that “I would like everyone to be respected as they are. This is what happens in parties where we do not act like sects.”

Aid against the amnesty law

After the agreement between the PSOE and the pro-independence parties to approve the amnesty law, the popular one has once again harshly criticized the government of Pedro Sánchez, which according to her approves an amnesty to “remain in Moncloa.” “They have been bypassing the regulations by playing with the reports of the lawyers” of Congress, and the Government has established itself in the three powers without thinking “at any time about the interest of either the Catalans or the Spaniards, all to maintain Sánchez in the Moncloa”. “This government is being taken with a pinch of salt,” Ayuso insisted, questioning the interests that “the left of Sumar and the right of Junts” have in common.

Ayuso warns that Spain is on the way to being a dictatorship

Ayuso has reiterated the idea that Spain is on the path to being a dictatorship, and has pointed out that “you don’t enter all at once, you enter little by little and there comes a time when they begin to intervene in daily life without realizing it.” . “They are starting to point out presenters and do politics with citizens’ money,” he said. In this sense, the popular leader has criticized the alleged manipulation of TVE by the Spanish executive “what I am seeing these days on TVE I have never seen before.” She has also pointed out that blacklists are being made with judges.

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