Inici » Impact of the Senate on the Constitutional Reform and Valencian Civil Law

Impact of the Senate on the Constitutional Reform and Valencian Civil Law

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The Change in the Constitutional Reform

The Senate has recently approved the reform of the Constitution, marking a milestone by modifying article 49 to replace the term ‘disabled’ with ‘people with disabilities’. This amendment represents a historic demand from groups working in the field of functional diversity.

Impact on Valencian Civil Law

The Senate’s decision has had repercussions in the field of Valencian civil law. By rejecting the amendment proposed by Compromís, the possibility of including Valencian civil law in the Constitution has been ruled out, which has generated a strong debate in Valencian society.

Arguments and Decisions

The Senate Board, with a majority of PP and PSOE, has based its decision on the impossibility of admitting amendments that are not directly related to the article of the Constitution object of the reform. This argument is based on previous precedents, such as the 2011 constitutional reform, which established guidelines for procedures involving the Constitution.

Possibility of Referendum

Despite the Senate’s decision, a period opens in which the members of the Cortes Generales may request a referendum for the ratification of the constitutional reform. However, the chances of this happening are low, since the support of 10% of deputies or senators is required, and the majority parties have expressed their opposition.

Reactions and Criticisms

The Compromís senator, Enric Morera, has expressed his discontent with the decision of the Senate Board, highlighting the support that the proposal had in Valencian society. This claim, supported by jurists, political parties and Valencian civil society, has generated an intense debate in the political and social sphere.

Commitment of the Major Parties

Both the PP and the PSOE have committed that the reform exclusively affects the term ‘disabled’, closing the possibility of including other amendments. This position has generated controversy and has been the subject of criticism from various sectors.


The Senate’s decision on the constitutional reform has had a significant impact in the field of Valencian civil law, generating debate and controversy in society. Despite the possibilities of a referendum, the chances of this happening are low, which has sparked criticism and discontent in various sectors.

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