Inici » Obstacles and secrets: the fight to control Rita Barberá’s municipal funds

Obstacles and secrets: the fight to control Rita Barberá’s municipal funds

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The opposition’s difficulties in controlling municipal funds

Ana Botella Gómez, ex-councillor of the socialist party in the Valencia City Council, tried to follow the trail of public funds that Rita Barberá’s government allocated to municipal foundations related to the alleged B-box of the popular party for the 2007 electoral campaign .

Botella testified in the third session of the trial of the separate piece A of the Taula case and explained the PSPV-PSOE’s inspection work on the foundations that financed Rita Barberá’s campaign.

The complexity of following the tracks of municipal funds

Ana Botella, knowing the legal procedures for subsidies, expressed her surprise at the high amounts of money allocated to certain entities and the lack of accountability.

However, he ran into several obstacles and the refusal of the vice-mayor at the time, Alfonso Grau, accused in the trial of the Taula case, to provide the requested documentation.

Transparency and barriers

Botella pointed out that despite being municipal foundations, he encountered a lack of transparency that prevented the opposition from accessing information. He described this situation as a clear obstruction and manipulation of information.

The witness brought notarial acts that evidenced her difficulty in obtaining the requested information, with reference to the accounting of municipal foundations.

Unsuccessful efforts and constant opposition

The socialist group had to turn to a notary to certify the lack of transparency in the management of Rita Barberá’s municipal funds.

Despite efforts, it was difficult to gain access to the accounts of some foundations and a worrying degree of suspicion was evident.

Discoveries and reactions

The audit work of the PSPV-PSOE revealed anomalies in the accounting of the Center for Strategy and Development, a municipal foundation that apparently financed Rita Barberá’s campaign.

Likewise, the violation of the rights of the opposition in its inspection work was highlighted.

Resistance and political confrontations

The Socialists met resistance and criticism from the government of Rita Barberá when they denounced the irregularities.

During the trial, confrontations took place between the witnesses and the accused, highlighting the difficulties in the control of municipal funds.

Research and consequences

The popular accusation of Compromís and the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office requested prison sentences for several defendants related to box B of the PP of Valencia.

The investigations of the Taula case led to other investigations for alleged irregular financing, evidencing the complexity of electoral processes and the control of party funds.

Disclosures about questionable financial practices

During the trial, questionable practices were exposed in the financial management of the Laterne framework, calling into question the transparency and legality of fund movements.

Witnesses highlighted the unusual nature of certain income and money movements, as well as the manipulation of invoices to cover up certain operations.

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