Inici » Osasuna and Moss lead sustainability in the world of sport

Osasuna and Moss lead sustainability in the world of sport

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An unprecedented collaboration to promote sustainability

Moss, which specializes in environmental technology, and Osasuna Athletic Club, a prominent member of the Spanish league, have announced an unprecedented partnership that will mark a turning point in sustainability in the field of sport.

Moss becomes the official sponsor of Osasuna with the title of ‘Global Sustainability Partner’, committing to offsetting the team’s carbon footprint and the club’s sporting activities by 2023. In addition, will take concrete steps to reduce and offset the 2024 footprint and impact.

Specific objectives and measures

This involves the measurement and compensation of all greenhouse gas emissions generated by Osasuna’s administrative and sporting activities, including its iconic El Sadar Stadium and Tajonar Sports City, as well as team travel by bus and plane, and the club’s water consumption.

Moss will be responsible for calculating the club’s carbon inventory, using the highest credibility standards, and neutralizing these emissions through conservation carbon bonds in the Brazilian Amazon.

Commitment to the community and transparency

Moss and Osasuna will also offer fans the possibility to buy carbon credits to offset the carbon footprint of official club products and even match tickets, encouraging community participation in this sustainable initiative.

Along these lines, it is planned to organize events and talks to raise awareness of the community, companies and Navarrese population about the importance of sustainability, seeking a greater awareness and contribution from everyone to build a more sustainable planet.

European reference in sustainability

Through this partnership, Moss and Osasuna are committed to providing the maximum transparency of their actions, making public the inventory calculations and number of carbon bonds used in compensation on their websites, with the intention of serving as a positive and inspiring example for the rest of European football.

Commitment to the conservation of the Amazon and sustainability

Luis Felipe Adaime, CEO and founder of Moss, highlights the importance of this association.

He also expresses that this initiative puts Osasuna at the forefront of environmental sustainability in the world of football, demonstrating its integral commitment to the conservation of the largest forest in the world, the Amazon, and encouraging more sustainable habits.

On the other hand, Luis Sabalza, president of Osasuna Athletic Club, highlights the club’s strong commitment to social causes and the preservation of the environment, underlining the importance of being a benchmark in this area.

Contribution of Moss to the conservation of the Amazon

Moss, present on the market since March 2020, uses technology to democratize the carbon credits market, contributing directly to the conservation of trees in forest management projects in the Amazon and fighting deforestation through its technological innovation .

In short, the union between Moss and Osasuna not only represents a step towards sustainability in the world of sport, but also an inspiring example of how organizations can collaborate for a more sustainable and positive future for the planet.

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