Inici » President of the Parliament proposes suspension of the harassment protocol

President of the Parliament proposes suspension of the harassment protocol

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Anna Erra proposes to suspend the harassment protocol

The President of the Parliament and the leader of the party, Anna Erra, suggested last Wednesday to suspend the harassment protocol, a measure that was introduced in 2021 to prevent, detect, address and resolve situations of harassment.

Opposition from other parties

Even so, Erra’s proposal was rejected by the majority of parties represented at the table, including the Catalan Socialist Party (PSC), Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (ERC) and Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (CUP). Thus, the proposal did not come to a vote.

Reasons for the proposed suspension

President Erra justified her proposal with the need to make modifications to the protocol, since, according to her, it contains elements that can be improved.

Continuation of the accusations

The conflict continues in parallel with the complaints presented by Junts deputies, Aurora Madaula and Cristina Casol, for harassment and silent violence against members of their party.

Reactions of the other parties

After Erra’s proposal, ERC and CUP expressed their opposition to suspending the protocol, arguing that it should not be interrupted or left in abeyance. They defend that the protocol should be a safe space for those deputies who do not have representation in their political organization.

Position of the CUP

The CUP adopted a similar position, ensuring that leaving the protocol in abeyance would be a situation of defenselessness for the victims and an inaction by the Parliament in fulfilling its obligations in this matter.

Consequences of the proposal

With the opposition of the majority of the parties on the table, Erra’s proposal has remained without effect. Meanwhile, more than twenty deputies from Junts, a large majority of the parliamentary group, demand that Casol leave her deputy’s record.

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