Inici » Susanna Griso confesses about her divorce with Carles Torras

Susanna Griso confesses about her divorce with Carles Torras

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Susanna Griso is one of the most recognized and loved journalists in the media. The presenter of Espejo público has spent many years reporting and being exposed to the media spotlight. However, she has always tried to be very reserved and cautious about her private life. Now, the communicator has opened her heart and talked about her difficult divorce with Carles Torras on Pilar Vidal’s podcast.

A separation after 23 years of marriage

Susanna Griso and Carles Torras ended their relationship in 2020, after 23 years of marriage and three children together. Since then, the presenter has chosen not to make statements on the subject, as she maintains great affection and a good relationship with her ex-husband.

In her visit to Pilar Vidal’s podcast, Susanna remembered what her wedding with him was like. “I thought he would always be there. He is the father of my children, whom I love very much and who I had to take care of and I promised to take care of him,” she explained.

A divorce without anger, but with pain

The presenter admitted that, despite breaking up the marriage, the two are still a good team. “It was also because we were a very good couple and then we also tried to be a good team when we separated,” he said.

However, Susanna Griso admitted that everything was very complicated, since it was sad to leave a person with whom she had shared so much: “I did not live the divorce with anger. I lived it with pain because it is a project that ends . But I told myself that what I was left with was immense affection. In the end, he is a person with whom you have shared many years,” he assured.

Discretion as a priority

The presenter wanted to keep everything very discreet, but Semana magazine went ahead and published the news on the cover at the end of December 2020.

I tried to be very discreet, very few people around me knew. It all came out on December 24 on a magazine cover. That day I was going to Barcelona and we hadn’t said anything to my in-laws and it was very hard for them to find out that way,” he revealed.

It was very important for her to be able to explain it well to her children, without them finding out abruptly, but it couldn’t be. “What worried me the most was the issue of my children. It was a difficult time because my daughter was in the United States and you never know how to say it,” he said in his interview.

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