Inici » The Casol case strains the seams at Junts management

The Casol case strains the seams at Junts management

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The future of Casol in the Junts executive

The case of Cristina Casol, deputy from Lleida for Junts, has generated tensions within the party. The majority of Junts deputies have called for Casol’s resignation as a parliamentarian, which has highlighted the party’s internal divisions. This situation is a reflection of the threats to the unity of the Borràs-Turull tandem, which Junts leads.

Discomfort in the Borràs environment

Several leaders from the environment of Laura Borràs, leader of Junts, have shown their unease at Borràs’ loss of political weight in recent months. This weight loss is due to several factors, such as his conviction for the cause of the Institution of Catalan Letters and his exclusion from the negotiation with the PSOE. In addition, it has been criticized that Jordi Turull, his partner in tandem, has taken decisions unilaterally without consulting the members of the party.

The future of Casol

The future of Cristina Casol will be decided in the Junts executive that will take place soon. If she is expelled from the party, Casol could continue as a non-affiliated deputy. However, the majority of Junts deputies have expressed their opinion that Casol should leave Parliament, which demonstrates the existing unrest within the party.


The Casol case has highlighted the internal tensions within Junts and the existing divisions in the party. This situation is a challenge for the leadership of the party, which will have to make decisions to maintain unity and internal cohesion. The future of Casol and his role within the Parliament will be decisive for the future of Junts.

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