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The importance of cleanliness and order in our environment

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Desire for stability

One of the main reasons cleaning can give us pleasure is related to our desire for control and stability. In a world where many circumstances are beyond our reach, ordering our physical space is a way of exercising control over our immediate environment. This sense of mastery is not trivial; psychological studies suggest that having control over our environment can reduce anxiety and improve our mood.


Also, cleaning can be a meditative activity in itself. Repetitive tasks such as sweeping, mopping or arranging objects can become a form of mindfulness, where we focus fully on the present moment and put aside fleeting or stressful concerns. This mindfulness during cleansing helps calm the mind and reduces the constant flow of thoughts, contributing to a more calm and centered state of mind.

The satisfaction derived from cleaning is multifaceted

The satisfaction derived from cleaning is multifaceted, involving aspects of control, meditation, reward, socialization and emotional renewal. Order and cleanliness are also deeply linked to our perception of efficiency and productivity. An organized space minimizes distractions and optimizes the search for necessary objects and tools, which translates into greater productivity. When we see the immediate results of our cleaning task, like a tidy desk or a spacious room, we experience instant gratification. This positive reinforcement motivates us to continue with these tasks, as we perceive a tangible improvement in our environment.

Neurological effects

Neurologically, when we finish a cleaning task, our brain releases neurotransmitters like dopamine, a chemical associated with pleasure and reward. This release leads to a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, which may explain why some people find real enjoyment in the act of cleaning.

Self-perception and perception of others

Socially and culturally, cleanliness also plays an important role in how we perceive and are perceived by others. A clean and tidy space can communicate efficiency, professionalism and courtesy to ourselves and visitors, strengthening our social and personal image in front of others.

Emotional renewal

Finally, cleaning has deeper implications for our emotional well-being. In many cases, clearing our physical space can symbolize mental or emotional cleansing, as if by tidying up our environment, we can also tidy up our thoughts and emotions. This process can be particularly therapeutic for people going through times of change or personal crisis, offering a tangible sense of renewal and new beginning.


In conclusion, cleanliness and order in our environment have a significant impact on our mental and emotional health. In addition to providing a pleasant physical space, cleanliness gives us a sense of control, allows us to practice meditation and wholeness in the present moment, makes us feel more productive and efficient, and helps us maintain a positive image in front of others . It also has a therapeutic effect, helping us to renew ourselves emotionally and to cope with life’s changes and crises. So, don’t underestimate the power of cleanliness and order in your life!

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