Inici » The internal tension in Junts threatens the Borràs-Turull unit

The internal tension in Junts threatens the Borràs-Turull unit

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The case of Cristina Casol and Aurora Madaula intensifies tensions

After the departure of Carles Puigdemont, the Junts presidency has been subject to a series of internal tensions that have never been fully resolved.

Two prominent figures, Cristina Casol and Aurora Madaula, are the current focus of tension. Casol, who is close to Laura Borràs, has been sued for alleged harassment that she reported. Madaula, meanwhile, is under investigation for alleged silent violence in the party.

The management of Junts cannot expel a deputy close to Borràs

The possibility of expelling a deputy close to Borràs has generated doubts among the more pragmatic members of the Junts leadership. If this situation occurs, it would be a precedent by which any member of Junts could be expelled, regardless of their political sector.

The internal war in Junts was manifested in Madaula’s decision to attend the tribute to Carles Furriols

Although the second secretary of the table, who does not have the confidence of the president of Parliament, Anna Erra, is on leave, Madaula attended the tribute in Vic dedicated to Carles Furriols. This performance was captured by Casol, who published a photograph of the event on his Twitter account.

This situation shows that the internal war in Junts has not yet come to an end. Now the question is whether Borràs and Turull will be able to maintain the unity of the party.

The outcome of the situation will be decided on Monday in the Junts executive. If it is not the last to fold, the unity of the party could be in danger.

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