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Emotion overflows at the viewers’ gala


A night full of surprises

Tonight, Eufòria will broadcast a very special gala in which the viewers will be the protagonists. The mechanics of the program have changed again to ensure that no one gets bored and to give greater weight to public opinion. It will be a gala in reverse, but with an even more exciting twist for those who follow the program from home.

What will this gala consist of? As explained by TV3, once the seven performances have finished, voting will be opened for the public to choose their favorite of the week. On this occasion, it will not be the jury who awards the best, but rather the fans who will make the decision. Once it is known who enjoys the benefits of the most desired chair, the second most voted will automatically be safe from nomination. The other five candidates will go to the danger zone.

The tension increases

At this point, the coaches, the VAR and the jury will provide points individually to all the singers. In this way, the three contestants with the most votes will be saved and the other two will compete in a second vote that will also be in the hands of the audience. It will be at that moment when it will be decided who should leave the program in this tenth gala.

The distribution of themes

There is always a lot of talk about the distribution of songs carried out by the organization of the musical contest. This week, one of the protagonists will be Fredrik, who competes again thanks to having been chosen in the relay gala. The repescado will have a unique opportunity to make the public fall in love, since they have selected a song that will allow him to show off his vocal strength. We are referring to ‘All by Myself’ by Céline Dion, a perfect choice for her return to the Eufòria stage.

Two girls will fight to become the favorite of the night: Misty and Valeria. The first one has been assigned ‘Judas’ by Lady Gaga and she couldn’t be happier: “I love it!” She exploded with emotion. For her part, Valeria will be able to fill the stage with the anthem ‘El cant dels ocells’.

Lluís also has the opportunity to fight for one of the top positions among the most voted, as he will perform ‘Satisfaction’ by The Rolling Stones, which will allow him to demonstrate his powerful rock vein. Maria, for her part, is a little scared because she will have to sing ‘Symphony’ by Clean Bandit: “I’m already sweating,” she admitted.

The most affected on this occasion will be Xavi Noms, once again, and surprisingly Julien, who they had always helped a little. Xavi has confessed that he does not know the topic that has been assigned to him, ‘A little by little’ by Doctor Prats. It is not his style, it is not in his comfort zone and it is not one of the themes that give him the most play. And what about North Catalonia? In his case, he will have to put himself in the shoes of ‘Els Pets’ to sing ‘Bon dia’.

Guest artists

The gala will have the special participation of Alfred Garcia, who will leave his position on the jury to perform his new song ‘Llamas en el cielo’. In addition, Figa Flawas will visit the Eufòria set to present their new song. Finally, the program’s management has dropped that there will be another important announcement during the gala. We’ll soon find out what it is.

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