Inici » Exciting first semi-final of TV3: love, votes and performances

Exciting first semi-final of TV3: love, votes and performances

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A night full of emotions and news

The third edition of TV3 has captivated viewers with a first semi-final full of emotions and surprises. On this occasion, a novelty was introduced: the first duets of this edition. In addition to individual performances, the contestants were divided into pairs and presented three joint songs that left a great impression.

Love is present on stage

The duo formed by Lluís and Misty, which emerged as a result of a love story on the program, has performed a song together. Although expectations were high, the performance failed to convey the expected intensity. The jury lamented the lack of connection between them, recommending that they should have shown more complicity.

Another notable duo of the night was Valeria and Maria, who also gave a joint performance that impressed the audience.

Voting and results

After the performances, public voting was opened, which determined that Julien and Maria continue to be the favorites. Both managed to save themselves and advance directly to the second semifinal. Julien also became the first finalist, ensuring his participation in the next stage of the contest.

In contrast, the remaining contestants faced the tension of the danger zone. Despite the great popular support they receive, Fredrik and Valeria had to compete to remain on the program.

Memorable moments and challenges

Next week, the second semi-final promises to be equally exciting, with the special participation of Marta Torné and Jordi Cubino, who will close the night with a live duet that will surely give a lot to talk about.

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