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Harry of England and his relationship with his father


A gesture of reconciliation

Harry of England had planned to visit his father, Charles III, during his trip to London this week. After years of tension and hostility, the prince wanted to make a gesture of reconciliation and spend time with his father and brother. This was an opportunity to make a deeper connection and overcome past differences.

However, the royal family has decided to ignore this intention of Harry. His communications team has confirmed that the meeting will not take place due to Charles III’s busy schedule. However, Harry is confident that he will be able to see his father soon and hopes that they can rebuild their relationship.

An unexpected announcement

In addition, Charles III has announced that he will appoint his son William as Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Corps, a position Harry held during his time in Afghanistan. This decision can be seen as another barrier in the relationship between father and son, since Harry has not received the same recognition.

The reaction of the British press

The British press has been relentless with Harry of England, criticizing his strong statements about the royal family since he gave up his title. They feel that he must now face the consequences of his words and cannot expect to be forgiven easily. Some media outlets have published articles highly critical of Harry, questioning his intentions and accusing him of being malevolent.

Despite this, Harry has found support in his mother’s family, with whom he maintains a closer relationship. Despite being excluded from the Windsor circle and left without protection, Harry has sought refuge in this part of his family.

The distance between father and son

Reconciliation between Charles III and Harry of England seems to be far from happening. Their relationship remains strained and distant, as was demonstrated recently when Carles refused to greet his son during an event just five kilometers away. In addition, Harry has not been allowed to stay at the family’s official residences and has had to seek accommodation in a hotel.

The current situation

In short, the relationship between Harry of England and his father, Charles III, remains strained and distant. Despite Harry’s attempts at reconciliation, the royal family has chosen to ignore these opportunities to meet. The British press has been critical of Harry, while he has sought support from other family members. Reconciliation seems far from happening and the distance between father and son remains evident.

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