Inici » Meghan Markle and Harry of England triumph in a trip to Nigeria

Meghan Markle and Harry of England triumph in a trip to Nigeria

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England’s Meghan Markle and Harry are promoting the Invictus Games in Nigeria

Meghan Markle and Harry from England have made a trip to Nigeria to promote the Invictus Games, an event they have been organizing for 10 years. During this journey, they have highlighted several important conclusions.

Meghan Markle is comfortable on official trips and talks about her private life

During this trip, Meghan Markle has been observed to be very comfortable in this type of official travel and has spoken more openly about her private life than ever before. His positive and smiling attitude was evident throughout the trip.

Meghan Markle stands out for her choice of style and fashion

Another highlight of this trip has been Meghan Markle’s style and fashion. She has brought a suitcase full of designer dresses, which have caught the attention of many. According to reports, the total price of their sets is close to €10,000, with a very high average price per set.

Some of the standout pieces include a Heidi Merrick design costing €1,285, a white Altuzarra jacket and trouser suit costing €1,500, a Johanna Ortiz strappy dress costing €2,640, as well as other high-priced dresses .

Meghan Markle talks openly about her children during the trip

During the trip to Nigeria, Meghan Markle shared details about her children, Archie and Lilibet. During a visit to a school, she revealed that her son is 5 years old and described motherhood as a dream come true. He also talked about his youngest daughter, Lilibet, and shared an anecdote about how they are reflected in his eyes.

Meghan Markle’s words about her family have been well received and have generated interest among the media and the general public.

Meghan Markle reveals her Nigerian roots

During the trip, Meghan Markle revealed that a genetic test has shown that she has 43% Nigerian roots. This information has generated interest and has been widely shared on social networks.

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