Inici » New sidewalk for pedestrians in the neighborhoods of Santa Maria and Bellavista de Súria

New sidewalk for pedestrians in the neighborhoods of Santa Maria and Bellavista de Súria

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An action to improve mobility and the urban environment

The neighborhoods of Santa Maria and Bellavista de Súria have a new access for pedestrians, thanks to the completion of the pavement works on the upper section of Carrer Tarragona and the complementary actions. This intervention involved the installation of two pedestrian crossings, a vehicle speed reducer, public lighting and other urban elements, as well as the improvement of the road’s drainage system.

The works have solved the problem of the lack of continuity of the pedestrian crossing in this area, which was previously undeveloped. The sidewalk has an approximate length of 260 meters. Public benches and green areas have also been placed.

A main goal: to improve the connection of neighborhoods

The purpose of the action was to improve the connection between the two neighborhoods of the town, giving priority to people and giving a new look to a sector that had so far been left out of the renovation of public space.

The project was promoted by the Súria City Council at the end of the last municipal mandate. Its execution has been done by means of an agreement with the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​which has also been in charge of awarding the works, at a cost of 380,790.33 euros, VAT included.

Works that have led to traffic restrictions

The works started last October. Its development has involved the occasional application of vehicle traffic restrictions, which have been duly signposted.

Despite the completion of the works, there will be temporary protective nets in the green spaces of the sidewalk to ensure the growth of plants.

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