Inici » The Berguedà County Council presents its 2023-2027 Mandate Plan

The Berguedà County Council presents its 2023-2027 Mandate Plan

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The regional government of Berguedà has presented a first version of its Mandate Plan 2023-2027, which establishes the main strategic axes for the current period. The aim of the document is to promote the socio-economic growth of Berguedà, defend the collective rights of the region and encourage citizen involvement in public decisions.

A joint and participative work

This proposal has been announced as part of the first Council of Mayors of 2024, which was held this Wednesday at La Sala de Puig-reig. It is an open document, which will be completed with the contributions collected from the various social actors in the region. The president of the Regional Council, Ramon Caballé, has emphasized that the Mandate Plan is the result of collaborative work and agreed between the parties that form the government, which share a diagnosis of the current reality and the challenges of the future of Berguedà.

“This is an exceptional political moment and we must know how to take advantage of it to make the deep transformations that the region requires,” Caballé said, adding that “the regional government team is made up of a broad coalition of political forces that do possible”.

The strategic objectives of the Mandate Plan

Among the strategic objectives set in the Mandate Plan, the president has highlighted some of them: Improve waste management and make Berguedà a benchmark in the circular economy and environmental sustainability; Strengthen the productive and business fabric of the region, stimulating innovation and competitiveness; and Strengthen social and health services, ensuring quality care and proximity to people.

The county government also mentions the promotion of culture, tourism and heritage as vectors of dynamism and social cohesion; the promotion of education, training and employment, especially among young people and women, as key elements for inclusion and equal opportunities; and the vindication of the resources and investments necessary for the development of Berguedà, especially in terms of infrastructure and mobility.

A commitment to transparency and participation

Finally, the county government has reiterated its commitment to work with seriousness, rigor, honesty and transparency, as well as counting on the citizens and the different social agents of Berguedà for the implementation of the Mandate Plan. “We want the population to participate in the great objectives of the mandate, to know where we are, where we want to get to and how we will do it,” said the president. From now on, the executive will continue to work in order to prepare a final document with all the contributions. When available, a public presentation will be made.

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