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The new opening of Casa Salesas in Madrid

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A new place to enjoy good food

After months of anticipation, Casa Salesas, the new restaurant founded by Íñigo Onieva, El Turronero and Iván Espinosa, has finally opened its doors. This place has become the new meeting point for lovers of good food in Madrid. With elegant decoration and a cozy atmosphere, Casa Salesas promises to offer a unique dining experience.

A glamorous inauguration

The inauguration of Casa Salesas was a success, with a party full of celebrities and prominent personalities. Among the guests were Íñigo Onieva’s sister and mother, as well as the Marchioness of Griñón and even Isabel Preysler. Everyone enjoyed a night full of elegance and good taste.

Stellar Reviews and Subsequent Criticisms

Before its opening, Casa Salesas already had five-star reviews on Google, written by close friends and Íñigo Onieva himself. However, after a few days, some less favorable reviews have started to appear. Some users have mentioned that the prices are high and that the food does not meet their expectations. Despite this, Casa Salesas remains a popular spot for those looking for a unique dining experience.

Family support

Despite the criticism, Íñigo Onieva’s mother has come out in defense of her son, stating that the reviews reflect people’s opinions and that Casa Salesas offers delicious dishes at reasonable prices. The family continues to support the business and is confident in its long-term success.

A new destination for lovers of good food

Casa Salesas has become a reference place in Madrid for those looking to enjoy excellent food in a sophisticated atmosphere. Despite initial criticism, the restaurant continues to attract customers who value quality and the dining experience. If you are in town, don’t hesitate to visit Casa Salesas and discover for yourself what this place has to offer.

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