Inici » Celebrating my son’s birthday with a fish feast

Celebrating my son’s birthday with a fish feast

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A gastronomic party for my son’s birthday

Today is a special day as we celebrate my son’s birthday. For this occasion, I have decided to prepare a special meal with a top quality fish. It will be a gastronomic feast that will surely leave all guests wanting more.

The main course: a championship fish

The main course of this meal will be a championship fish. I have chosen a large piece, one of those that make a party. We will cook it in the oven to make sure it is perfectly cooked and tasty.

The secret to a delicious dish

To achieve a delicious dish, I prepared a tray with rolled potatoes, tomato slices and sliced ​​onions. In addition, I added a good splash of white wine, salt and premium oil. This combination of flavors and ingredients will make the dish taste exceptional.

The cooking process

To cook the fish, put it in the oven for about 30 minutes at a temperature of 180 °C. From time to time, we will lightly stir the ingredients in the tray to ensure that they cook evenly. During the last twenty minutes of cooking, we will add the one and a half kilo sea bass that I will have to buy at the supermarket.

The closing of neighborhood shops

In recent times, we have seen how neighborhood shops, such as the Consol fish shop, have been closing. This situation is not exclusive to the fishing sector, as other establishments such as butchers and poultry have also had to close their doors. This trend has led to the appearance of bakeries with tastings that have occupied the empty premises.

The Fishermen’s Guild of Catalonia warns about the closure of fish farms

The Catalan Fishermen’s Guild has warned about the closure of neighborhood fishmongers. This situation has a negative impact on the local economy and the life of the neighbourhoods. It is important to recognize the value they bring to the community and look for ways to preserve them.

The value of local trade

The closing of neighborhood shops impoverishes us both economically and socially. These establishments offer personalized treatment and professional advice, generate local wealth and bring life to the streets. In addition, they encourage entrepreneurship and contribute to making the neighborhood a safer place. It is important to value these aspects and support local trade.


In short, my son’s birthday is a special occasion to celebrate with a fish feast. I take this opportunity to reflect on the closing of neighborhood shops and the importance of preserving local commerce. It is essential to recognize the values ​​they bring to the community and support this business model that has endured for centuries.

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