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Europe turns to the right in the European elections

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Low participation and noticeable indifference

In the European elections this past Sunday, Europe experienced a low turnout and remarkable indifference. Despite this, a significant change has taken place in the European political landscape.

The extreme right does not get an absolute majority

The extreme right has obtained a good result in these elections, but has not managed to wrest an absolute majority from the conservative, social democratic and liberal parties. These parties have a total of 403 MEPs, while the absolute majority is 361. In addition, there is the possibility that the Greens, with their 53 seats, will join this majority.

The growth of the extreme right and the victory of Le Pen in France

Even if the extreme right has not achieved an absolute majority, its growth is evident. In France, Marine Le Pen has won a clear victory, calling into question the founding ideas of the European Union. This victory has taken place in one of the most important states in the EU.

Results in Spain

In Spain, the Popular Party won the elections, but not in the expected way. It has surpassed by only four points and two MEPs the PSOE, which has resisted accusations of corruption well. The extreme right, represented by VOX and the YouTuber Alvise Pérez, has achieved an increase in its support, although to a lesser extent than in the rest of the EU.

The challenge of the left

The next five years will be a challenge for the left, as it will have to deal with the rise of the pro-European right and radical groups. It is important not to leave the layers of the population hanging who no longer trust anything and to tell the truth about complex issues without fear. We need to face this cultural battle that the far-right parties are effectively winning.

Recover lost credibility

For the left, it is essential to gradually recover the lost credibility of institutions, parties and even the democratic system itself. You need to find the right way to communicate and address problems effectively.


The European elections have shown a change in the European political landscape, with the growth of the extreme right and the victory of Le Pen in France. The left will have to face the challenges presented to it and work to recover lost credibility. It is essential not to leave the population underserved and to tell the truth about complex issues. Only in this way can a peaceful coexistence and a united Europe be guaranteed.

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