Inici » Letizia, surprised by a scandalous cover that Zarzuela wants to hide: “Del Burgo is having a good time”

Letizia, surprised by a scandalous cover that Zarzuela wants to hide: “Del Burgo is having a good time”

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Letizia has lived some complicated days, in which she has preferred to stay out of the media attention, trying to survive as best she can the entire Del Burgo controversy, originated by the revelations, messages and photos of her ex, enduring the storm, as they would say, and suffering hell, according to the great Pilar Eyre. The Asturian has again this week a schedule full of public events. An agenda that has taken him, for example, to Fitur this Wednesday, the international tourism fair in Madrid, where, by the way, they wanted to send them a gift and their senders were left wanting because of the disorder and protocol at the fair.

Letizia, from Lleida to Denmark

A day earlier, the queen had let herself be seen in Lleida, at an event of the Fundació Princesa de Girona, where, for example, she emphasized the correct way of saying the name in Catalan of a singer like Alfred Garcia, who does not Alfred, as Spanish speakers usually call him.

The journalist spoke about the Queen’s visit to Catalan lands and especially what is happening with Jaime del Burgo’s statements in her usual collaboration with TV3’s Tot es mou alongside Helena Garcia Melero. “Why does he do it?” asks the presenter. Eyre’s reply: “He says he is doing it out of patriotism, patriotism which I do not understand, because to undermine the monarchy as he is undermining it I think is unpatriotic from his point of view. It does a great deal of damage to the institution. I think he’s having a good time now, he’s playing.”

The change of the head of the king’s house and the farewell of Jaime Peñafiel

They also talked about the change of the head of the king’s household, the replacement of Jaime Alfonsín, a historian, by Camilo Villarino or the farewell of Jaime Peñafiel to the newspaper El Mundo. But one issue they have also discussed has been that which refers to the new king of Denmark, Frederik. Remembers Eyre that Letizia and Felipe were, by chance of life, in Copenhagen when everything broke out regarding the special friendship between the new Danish monarch and the Mexican actress, ex of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo, Genoveva Casanova. He remembers when the whole world freaked out with the cover of Lecturas where the two of them were seen walking through Madrid’s Retiro park, explaining that he has sometimes slept on the floor she has in the Spanish capital. And Letizia, who did everything possible to see her:

Letizia, interested in the cover of Readings

A cover that went around the world and took the Spanish kings there, facing circumstances in front of the Danish royals. Eyre reveals that when he found out, “it was said that the Queen had gone to the Spanish correspondents and said, ‘Please pass me this cover, I’m dying to see it,’ because Letizia is a journalist, let’s not forget that.” The writer regrets that “we, as we found out, commented on it and said it, and after three or four days (Zarzuela) they issued a statement saying that this was not true, which by the way, it was true . If nonsense like this is debunked, how is it not going to be debunked or given an explanation to stop this barrage of negative information and hoaxes affecting Letizia?”, he asks.

Let’s stay with the final questions he asks: if she is defended by many people, many citizens, “why does not her husband and his people defend her?”, he says about Letizia and the Royal House.

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