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The educational value of summer leisure

una aula amb estudiants asseguts als escriptoris i un home dempeus en una pissarra al fons amb els braços cap amunt, Apelles, perspectiva profunda de 3 punts, una foto d'estoc, escola de quito

A time of vacations and opportunities

With the end of the school year, the summer holidays arrive, a time of rest and opportunities for schoolchildren from all over Catalonia. After farewell parties and graduations, educational centers close their doors, leaving two months ahead full of expectations to break the school routine and enjoy motivating activities.

The pedagogical value of leisure

When school closes, leisure takes over and becomes a vigorous educational instrument, transmitting positive values ​​and building quality relationships. This contributes to the integral development of children and adolescents, giving continuity to the role played by formal education.

Guarantee universal access to educational leisure

Leisure education is a recognized right, but it is still not guaranteed for all children, especially those in a disadvantaged socio-economic situation. In Catalonia, more than four hundred thousand children have limited development opportunities due to poverty, and many of them will not be able to enjoy leisure activities this summer.

Combating inequality of opportunity

It is essential to work on the universalization of leisure activities, increasing the supply and aid throughout the territory, as well as providing more resources for inclusion. Social entities play a key role in this task, offering educational leisure projects through scholarship programs for homes, colonies and camps, contributing to the creation of a fairer and more equal welfare state model.

Commitment to the future

Children are the future of society and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure their development under equal conditions. It is crucial to provide them with the opportunities they need to grow and develop into healthy, balanced and competent adults.

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