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The foolproof way to open canning jars

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They say, that luck is worth more than strength

And one of the most frequent problems when we cook is opening a jar of preserves. Sometimes it can feel like the lid is stuck to the glass, and no matter how hard we try, the jar just won’t open.

A different strategy

In these situations, many people would choose to bang on the container in the hope that the lid will loosen a bit. But it should be noted that this does not always work and we could even break the jar, which would be dangerous.

Hot water, the most efficient solution

A good alternative in this scenario is to use hot water to loosen the cap. Simply leave the jar under the tap for a few seconds so that it expands a bit and you can open it without any problems. Note that this trick only works with metal lids, as plastics can melt on contact with heat.

A tool-free solution

If you don’t want to use any tools, we have a simple solution for you too. Follow these two steps:

1. Flip the lid

Gently tap one corner of the jar lid against a hard surface. This will cause it to deform and lose its internal vacuum.

2. Try opening it again

After you’ve hit the cap, try to open the jar again and you’ll see how much easier it is to unscrew it now.


Canning jars are a practical option for preparing different recipes when we don’t have time to cook. Opening them, however, can be a real headache. With the tricks we’ve provided, you’ll be able to break the vacuum seal and remove the cap without having to use excessive force, which, as we’ve seen, is often useless.

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