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The independence movement in Catalonia is still alive

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Jordi Turull reaffirms the strength of independence

The general secretary of Junts per Catalunya, Jordi Turull, has reaffirmed the persistence and strength of the pro-independence movement in Catalonia. In an interview with Els Matins, Turull responded to those who speculated about the loss of strength of independence, affirming that the movement is more alive than ever ( . He emphasized that all those who salivated to see independence buried, will see that the determination to resolve the conflict in Catalonia remains alive (

The two vectors to resolve the conflict

Turull has pointed out that the way to resolve the conflict in Catalonia revolves around two vectors: amnesty and self-determination. He has promised to work to achieve the second option. In addition, he has claimed the pro-independence agreement of the Parliament Bureau, which will allow debate on self-determination in Parliament (

The road to the investiture

Turull has made it clear that the pro-independence agreement of the Parliament Bureau does not necessarily imply an agreement for the investiture. He has stated that a new process is now starting to reach an agreement for the investiture and that they will try to convince ERC that it is better to bet on an independent president of the Generalitat ( ). He has also stated that they will not abandon the battle to make Carles Puigdemont president, despite the opposition of the Socialists.

The amnesty law and distrust of judges

Turull has expressed his distrust in the possibility that the amnesty law will be easily applied, despite having been published in the State Official Gazette. He has criticized the judiciary, which he has called ‘the Guantánamo of European justice’, saying that they do what is necessary to go against the pro-independence movement ( ).

The new battle for the independence movement

Turull has stated that a new battle is now beginning for the independence movement, as it will not be easy for the amnesty law to be applied despite being official. He has reiterated his determination to achieve the goals of the movement.

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