Inici » Solsona will offer in February the English level test planned for the Cambridge exams

Solsona will offer in February the English level test planned for the Cambridge exams

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What is the mock exam or level test?

This is a call before the Cambridge English exams that allows examinees to know which exam corresponds to them and to prepare accordingly. In Solsona, it will take place on the morning of Saturday 24 February at the Setelsis school facilities, and registrations, which are free of charge, are open until the 19th.

The mock exam is a voluntary test to measure reading, writing, listening and speaking skills and does not influence the possibility of sitting the Cambridge final exam. However, Maria Claret and Sara Malé, who are the coordination team in Solsona for these official tests managed by the Department of Education, state that “it is highly recommended for the student to have precise guidance on their level and to know the format of the exam”. Last year, 85 students participated.

For which levels will the test take place?

The test will be held for the Young learners, KET, PET, FCE and CAE levels. To register, you must send the student’s personal data and date of birth, the school, if applicable, and the level at which they are applying to [email protected]. During the week after the test, the results will be sent to the people presented.

When will the official Cambridge exams be in Solsona?

June 8 is the date for the official Cambridge exams in Solsona and there will be time to register until April 22. In this call the certificates will be for the KET (A2), PET (B1) and FCE (B2) levels. The Education Council has been committed to this initiative since 2016, which has received a very positive assessment. Last year, 48 people were examined in one of the three levels that were offered.

The councilor of the area, Esther Espluga, highlights “the advantage for the local population and surrounding areas of all ages of being able to take tests in Solsona with this international recognition both in universities and in public organizations and private from all over the world”. Espluga also points out that the continuation of the Council’s certificate as a Cambridge examination center is possible thanks to the work of Sara Malé and Maria Claret, the advice of Susan Pexton, coordinator and examiner, and the collaboration of schools and Solsona academies.

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