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The case of Checo Pérez and his situation at Red Bull

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A pilot with variable performance

The case of Checo Pérez is challenging unsustainable limits. The Mexican pilot, as in the last campaign, started the season on a high note, but in the arrival of F1 in Europe he is performing at a very low level. The second driver of the best team is already 6th in the World Drivers’ Championship after Piastri overtook him this weekend. If he hadn’t had to abandon Russell due to a hydraulic problem, Checo would have been 7th.

Performance difference with Verstappen

The fact is that, now more than ever, the difference in performance between the two Red Bull pilots is abysmal and from the high spheres of the energy drink brand’s box, measures would be taken. In fact, Racing News revealed that Checo Perez has a fateful clause in his contract that says if he is more than 100 points behind Max Verstappen come the summer break, Checo can lose his seat at the end of the season .

Renewal in danger

Renewal means nothing to Checo Pérez. The big problem for Checo Pérez is that the difference in points with his teammate is now already 137 points. In other words, to prevent Christian Horner from being able to enforce the clause that was once agreed upon, the Mexican would have to deduct at least 37 points from Verstappen at the Hungarian GP and the Belgian GP.

Possible substitutes

In the event that Checo Pérez does not manage to stay at Red Bull, the name that is thought of is that of Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian meets the low profile sought by the Austrian team and other options that could end up being a ticking time bomb alongside Verstappen such as the irascible Yuki Tsunoda or the competitive Carlos Sainz would be dismissed.

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