Inici » The Future of Ducati: Crucial Decisions for the Racing Team

The Future of Ducati: Crucial Decisions for the Racing Team

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The Ducati Dilemma

The debate continues at Ducati and, in principle, there is nothing definitive. Everyone has their say on the options at the Borgo Panigale house, but only the team leadership, in an upcoming meeting, will make crucial decisions between Jorge Martín and Marc Márquez. Enea Bastianini seems to be lagging behind the rest of the competitors in this race, never better said.

After years of effort, perseverance and excellent results, where he is currently the fastest rider and leader in the World Championship, as well as last year’s runner-up, many believe that the Bolognese brand should have offered Martinator the available seat in the official Ducati team. . However, the emergence of the Cervera driver has completely changed the situation.

The Path of Jorge Martín and Marc Márquez

At Ducati they do not want to lose either of the two riders, but they are aware that the Madrid native will leave the team if he does not become an official rider. He has reiterated on several occasions that his goal is to be part of a factory team, and although his dream is Ducati, he will look for other options if it does not materialize. Both Aprilia and KTM are closely following Ducati’s final decision to strengthen their respective teams.

Apparently, Marc’s path follows the same direction as Martín’s. At the Le Mans Grand Prix, he assured that in 2025 he wants to ride a factory motorcycle, that is, an updated version, unlike this year, in which he uses the Desmosedici GP23, the same one that Martín or Pecco Bagnaia rode in their fight for the 2023 World Cup.

The Solution for Ducati

Beyond Marc’s results, his status as a legend and best rider on the grid, along with his great media impact, raise doubts in Ducati, which recognizes the potential of ’93’ to take the Desmosedici to a higher level. Ducati has reportedly made a decision to retain both riders.

It is claimed that Ducati will provide the Casole d’Elsa brand with everything it requests, namely a prototype identical to Bagnaia’s for Marc Márquez to ride. In this way, Martín would be an official driver and Márquez would have access to the latest version of the Desmosedici, which would allow him to compete with greater possibilities for the championship. Thus, Ducati would retain two of the best riders today.

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