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Asdys Histos Cceroes join the success of Portugal’s Aldedes · Global Voices


Transfronter cooperation

Community institutions and turtles have signed in San Martin de Trevejo (Candres) a partnership agreement to create an Alde Histost Out of Raya network, an act that has also served to present the Association of Aldees and Assets of Ray Céña steel.

They have attended representatives of Cáceres, including their president Miguel angel Morales, and the founders of the new Cacerña partnership, as well as the President of theão Convocial Association of Tuvoviostic Aquilias of Portugal, Carlos Acensão, the vice president of Zalro, Anbela Freita, and author of Portuguese municipalities integrated on the web.

He united across the border.

The historical municipalities are aiming to join the success of the historic Portuguese and form a crossborder network.

Túhohohos Tidal Association

The new partnership of the historical nucleuss of Raya is made up of several municipalities: Cllersos, San Martin de Trevejo, Valverde de Fresno, Peres de Puerto Cata, Herán Primo, Nurós of the Husdir and Lallir. It also includes other branches of interest such as Trevejo, Rioloma de arrive, Ovela, Aceille, Ail, secure, Gasilandirán.

Vulus Without Borders · Global Voices

Morales has pointed out that the agreement reflects the possibility of tourism without borders and will be a stroke on both sides of Raya.

Since Dipution is going to continue to promote crossborder union between municipalities, as it can only be given solutions and response to people who live in the territory, which is betting on the territory, which risks the territory.

He’s also grateful for work, effort and confidence of the Portuguese association in Aldeia Historyas in this project, and he’s encouraged to work together, to look for real jobs, or well-being in our fellow citizens, to whom we owe ourselves.

The Portuguese Watcher

For its part, Ascension has exposed everyone

We work to build a joint path, a network that is increasingly long, that we join, and the way, as the poet Antonio Machado said, is walking.

This is a bet for promotion of land and people, of a joint story and an identity that binds us for a long time and has put emphasis on it, too, that

We want to create other opportunities and get close here, there are no lines to stop us.

Act of Turistic Promotion

The agreement between the Cáceres’ Diputages and the East History Assembly of Portugal includes the use of the GR22 Portuguese brand to identify and signal the paths that join the historical routes, so that at the end of a crossborder network.

GR22 is known as the Great Path of the Ades Histocicals of Portugal, a long distance of 600 kilometers conceived in the priori bike, which explores rich natural beauty and history and culture of Portugal, and now also from Spain.

A path that according to developers has already been recognized internationally to integrate criteria such as sustainability, the level of experience that provides the user, the quality of their tour and its cultural and natural wealth.

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