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The unexpected surprise by Amador Mohedano


A worrying debt

Amador Mohedano is facing a delicate situation after receiving notification from the Treasury about a debt of 247,000 euros. This debt puts him at risk of losing the ‘Los Naranjos’ property in Chipiona.

Family support

His closest environment is ready to help him in this difficult time. The Telecinco family, in particular Gloria Mohedano, is determined to intervene if the situation gets complicated, as confirmed by José Antonio Rodríguez.

The current situation

Amador Mohedano’s complicated situation was recently made public, which involves facing a debt with the Treasury of more than 200,000 euros. This situation endangers Rocío Jurado’s last remaining inheritance, the estate ‘Los Naranjos’.

Unconditional support

Despite the difficulty of the situation, Amador has the unconditional support of his family. In case the situation gets complicated, his sister Gloria Mohedano will be by his side to help him overcome it.

Future perspectives

According to the statements of José Antonio Rodríguez, the situation does not seem to be as serious as some media have indicated. However, Amador intends to regularize his situation as soon as possible, since the next few weeks will be decisive to solve this financial debt, especially considering that his monthly pension is only 850 euros.

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