Inici » Discover the Territorial Exquisite Ice Creams: A Unique Experience

Discover the Territorial Exquisite Ice Creams: A Unique Experience

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An Unmatched Flavor Experience

Are you tired of conventional ice creams? Then pay attention, because you are going to love this! We present to you Territori Gelats, a unique experience that will immerse you in a world of extraordinary flavors.

Gelats de Territori are not just ordinary ice creams. Because? Because they combine product flavors that will surprise you, offering you a variety that you have never imagined before. From the exquisite Ratafía and carquiñolis ice cream to the delicious Coffee and Anís del Mono ice cream, each flavor is a true masterpiece that will captivate you.

Ratafía and Carquiñolis Ice Cream

Ratafía Bosch ice cream with crunchy carquiñolis is an unmatched fusion of flavors, especially for lovers of Catalan gastronomy. Made with the historic Bosch ratafía from Sant Quirze de Besora and carquiñolis, this ice cream offers an unmistakable flavor and an irresistible crunchy texture. You can not miss it!

Gelats de Territori has selected the Bosch ratafia, a company with a rich history founded in 1892, which continues to be run by the fifth generation of the family. Their commitment to artisanal production and the use of natural products guarantees the excellence of each ice cream.

Coffee and Anise Ice Cream from El Mono

The union of Cafès Cornellà and Anís del Mono has given rise to a truly exceptional ice cream. This delicious ice cream combines the best of two worlds and offers an experience completely different from anything you have tried before. If you are a lover of coffee and anise, this ice cream is simply not to be missed. Do you dare to try it after a good meal? You will love it!

In addition, Gelats de Territori offers two ice creams with more traditional flavors, but elevated to a higher level: White Chocolate ice cream with pistachios and ‘Xisqueic’ and raspberries ice cream.

White Chocolate Ice Cream with Pistachios

White Chocolate ice cream with pistachios is new this summer. Made from the fusion of creamy White Chocolate from Blanxart and crunchy pistachios from Les Garrigues, this ice cream offers a delicious Catalan version of the traditional Italian cremino. It will surprise and captivate you!

‘Xisqueic’ Ice Cream with Raspberries

If you are a cheesecake lover, you will be amazed by this improved version that Gelats de Territori has created. The cheesecake ice cream, combined with raspberry coulis, marlette cookie and delicious Neu de Cadí cheese, will give you a unique experience that you won’t want to miss.

Make this summer unforgettable with Territori Gelats! Discover all its flavors by clicking here.

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