Inici » Queen Letícia: A Controversial and Stylish Figure

Queen Letícia: A Controversial and Stylish Figure

una dona que porta una tiara i un vestit blau amb una flor està parada en un passadís, Eva Gonzalès, regal, un retrat, arte povera

A Controversial Figure

Letícia is known for her demandingness and control, both in her personal life and in her role as queen. His influence in the Zarzuela and the crown has been the subject of debate, especially after the smear campaign against him. In addition, his presence often overshadows that of King Philip VI, generating controversy and speculation.

Lifestyle and Interests

Queen Letícia keeps a strict schedule, starting the day very early and imposing this routine on those around her. Although her institutional agenda has been narrowed to prioritize other members of the royal family, her influence and lifestyle remain of general interest, especially in the realm of fashion and elegance.

Style and Elegance

Queen Letizia is recognized as the best-dressed monarch of the European monarchies, captivating attention with her styles that sell out in minutes. Her knowledge of being at institutional events and her elegance make her an acclaimed figure.

Hobbies and Preferences

Several quirks and preferences of Queen Letícia have been revealed, such as her fondness for the drink Vichy Catalán, which she usually orders accompanied by a slice of lemon. In addition, we know his preference for an exclusive toilet and his choice to consume tomato juice as a food alternative during official events.


The figure of Queen Letícia continues to generate anticipation and interest, both for her influence on the crown and for her presence in social and institutional events. Her controversial personality and preferences have captured the attention of the public and the media, turning her into a fascinating and enigmatic figure.

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