Inici » Letizia’s loneliness and the return of the Borbón to Zarzuela

Letizia’s loneliness and the return of the Borbón to Zarzuela

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The smear campaign against Letizia has had consequences

The smear campaign against Letizia has had a significant impact and has left the queen completely alone. The Bourbons have won the first battle. After a decade of isolation, they are once again in the media spotlight and reunite in front of the cameras. They have celebrated practically every birthday and meet on various occasions, including in Zarzuela, where the queen has imposed her rules.

Letizia no longer has control of Zarzuela

At this moment, Zarzuela no longer belongs to Letizia. Although she lives in the Prince’s Pavilion, one kilometer from Zarzuela in the same enclosure, the queen did not want any Bourbon to enter without her permission. Now members of the royal family move freely around the grounds. In fact, Infanta Elena visits her mother and her aunt practically every afternoon, and trains with her horses, one of her favorite sports. Infanta Cristina’s children, Irene and Miguel Urdangarin, stay with her grandmother, one until the end of the summer and the other until she gets tired. Victoria Federica also joins them on some occasions, especially when they go out partying and return at dawn.

Infanta Cristina also takes advantage of the situation

Infanta Cristina has also taken advantage of the opportunity and, given that two of her four children live in Zarzuela, she also plans to settle in the palace to help her mother and aunt, and thus have control over the young people.

Infanta Cristina is left alone in Geneva

Since Irene no longer lives with her in Geneva, it is increasingly common to see Infanta Cristina in Spain, especially in Barcelona or Madrid. Her visits are frequent and increasingly longer. However, for now Infanta Cristina has no plans to settle in Spain. Her life continues to be in Geneva, since if not, Juan Carlos’ inheritance would fall into the hands of the Public Treasury. Although she recognizes that she feels increasingly alone since the departure of her four children.

Privacy and discretion in a new house

For now, Infanta Cristina can spend as much time as she wants in Spain because she pays a rent of 5,000 euros per month in Geneva, which shows that she lives there more than 186 days a year. She previously lived in a 12-room duplex in the historic center of the city, near the cathedral and next to the town hall, but now she has moved to a house with a garden on the outskirts to find privacy and discretion.

The return of the Bourbons to Zarzuela

Letizia’s worst nightmare has been confirmed: the Borbón have returned to Zarzuela and plan to stay for a long time.

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