Inici » The return of Agnès Marquès to TV3: A new beginning

The return of Agnès Marquès to TV3: A new beginning

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The end of Planta baixa and the return of Agnès Marquès

The magazine Planta baixa, which Agnès Marquès inherited from Ricard Ustrell, has failed to meet TV3’s expectations and has been cancelled. Technically, the show has not been renewed, which was a concern for the team given the ratings situation. Last season, the program had already received a serious warning by renewing downwards, significantly reducing the budget and going to air between canned programs in the middle of the afternoon. This setback has led the team at the production company La Manchester to look for new job opportunities. However, Agnès Marquès has resumed her position as a permanent staff member of TV3.

The journey of Agnès Marquès on TV3

At 45, Agnès Marquès has experienced a round trip on TV3, taking on the direction and presentation of a large-scale programme alone for the first time. Although this attempt has not had the expected success, it is important to remember that the journalist born in Palma began her career as Ramon Pellicer’s partner on TN Fin de semana, and later presented a programme on Canal 33. However, her time in these spaces went unnoticed. Grupo Godó convinced her to make the solo leap to the night programme No lo sé on RAC 1, which led her to take a leave of absence from TV3. After her return, the mystery about her next project has been cleared up by the management of TV3, assigning her the presentation of theme nights, starting with the first Noche sin ficción alongside Josep Palau, a collaborator of Tot es mou who has become her new co-presenter.

The future of Agnès Marquès and Josep Palau on TV3

The Tuesday program, Sense ficció, is a documentary container that periodically includes a live debate on the topic of the report. Tonight, the Marquès-Palau couple will lead this debate, addressing the experiment of leaving a group of young people without a cell phone for a week. If the pair prove effective, they will likely continue hosting future Non-Fiction Nights. At the moment, Agnès Marquès does not plan to participate in other programs for the new season, while Josep Palau will continue to be part of Tot es mou.

The rebirth of Josep Palau

Josep Palau, known for his participation in the children’s program Tags on Canal Súper 3, has returned to TV3 during the summer with Tot es mou, and his performance has secured him a place on the network. With his telegenicity and good diction, he has become an outstanding collaborator. Now, as co-host of Nonfiction Nights alongside Agnès Marquès, he is expected to continue her rise on television.

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