Inici » Rocío Carrasco makes an important decision in relation to his friend, Maestro Joao

Rocío Carrasco makes an important decision in relation to his friend, Maestro Joao

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Rocío Carrasco’s decision to support Master Joao

Rocío Carrasco has made a crucial decision in relation to his friend, Maestro Joao. This decision comes at a delicate time for the famous seer, who recently suffered the loss of his beloved mother. Rocío Carrasco, daughter of the unforgettable Rocío Jurado, has been a fundamental pillar in the Spanish choir scene. Despite this, his relationship with Mestre Joao has generated rumors and speculation in recent days.

Maestro Joao and his loss

Maestro Joao, known for his appearances on various television shows and his career as a psychic, is going through a difficult time after the recent loss of his beloved mother. This loss has been a hard blow to him and many of his friends have gathered at the funeral home to support him at this distressing time.

The controversy surrounding Rocío Carrasco

Rocío Carrasco has not spoken at any time about the loss of his friend, Maestro Joao. In addition, he has not been seen at the vigil with the rest of Joao’s family and friends. This absence has generated great controversy and has sparked rumors of a possible enmity between the two.

Rocío Carrasco’s decision

Despite the speculation and rumours, sources close to Rocío Carrasco have revealed that she has been supporting Mestre Joao in private. According to these sources, Rocío has been in constant contact with Joao over the phone, giving him the emotional support he needs at this difficult time. This information dispels rumors of animosity and shows that their friendship remains strong, even if it is not always visible publicly.

The importance of privacy

A possible reason why Rocío Carrasco has decided to keep his support private could be the desire to avoid media exposure. Rocío has been the subject of intense media coverage over the years and may have chosen to keep a low profile at this delicate time for his friend. This shows that Rocío values ​​his friendship with Maestro Joao and gives him his support, although not in the way he expected.

A solid friendship

Despite the rumors and speculation, the relationship between Rocío Carrasco and Maestro Joao seems to be intact and stronger than ever. They have shared important moments in their lives and have shown affection and admiration for each other several times. Rocío Carrasco’s decision to support Mestre Joao in this difficult time is a testament to their unbreakable friendship.

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