Inici » The Exceptional Volkswagen Grand California Motorhome 2025

The Exceptional Volkswagen Grand California Motorhome 2025

una furgoneta blanca està aparcada al costat de la carretera davant d'uns arbres i herba, amb un bosc al fons, Bernd Fasching, il·lustració ultra realista, una representació digital, panfuturisme

A New Travel Experience

Volkswagen has presented the impressive Grand California 2025, a motorhome that promises to revolutionize the way we travel. This camper, the largest of the renowned German brand, stands out as a true icon among lovers of spacious and high-end motorhomes, offering an unprecedented luxury experience in the world of campers.

Advanced Design and Technology

Based on the Crafter, Volkswagen’s largest van, the 2025 Grand California has received a complete update that makes it even more attractive. From exterior design to technological advancements, this motorhome has been meticulously designed to maximize space and offer unmatched comfort.

The cockpit of the 2025 Grand California is now more technologically advanced, with a digital instrument cluster and a large 12.9-inch touch screen for the multimedia system. This new system, similar to that of high-end passenger cars, includes IDA voice control with ChatGPT, facilitating interaction and control of vehicle functions.

Comfort and Functionality

Interior functionality has been optimized, with the relocation of the gear lever and the integration of an electric parking brake, contributing to a cleaner and more ergonomic design. In addition, a new electronic control panel has been incorporated that works as a home automation system, allowing you to adjust the heating and monitor the levels of the fresh and gray water tanks.

For discerning travelers, the option of installing a satellite television system is also available on both versions of the Grand California, ensuring that they can enjoy all the modern conveniences while on the road.

Power and Availability

Equipped with a 2.0-liter TDI diesel engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission, the 2025 Grand California ensures a smooth and efficient drive. This motorhome will be available for purchase in Germany, with plans to expand to other European markets, including Spain, offering unrivaled luxury and comfort starting at €79,314.

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