Inici » The Printed Caftan: The Essential Piece for Summer

The Printed Caftan: The Essential Piece for Summer

una dona de peu davant d'una piscina amb un vestit rosa i sandàlies amb una piscina blava al fons, marca Christian Hilfgott, vitalitat estival, una pintura detallada ultrafina, moviment d'arts i manualitats

A Unique and Vibrant Piece

El Corte Inglés’ printed caftan is a must-have piece for fashion lovers looking to combine style, comfort and functionality. With a unique and vibrant design, this kaftan is the perfect piece for warm weather and summer. Its retro mosaic print, inspired by oriental motifs, combines vibrant fuchsia tones with a varied color palette, adding a touch of exoticism and sophistication to the outfit.

Comfortable and Adaptable Style

The caftan is designed with a round neck equipped with a system of elastic straps that allow it to be adjusted to the size of the body, ensuring a perfect and personalized fit. This detail not only ensures all-day comfort, but also adds a casual and relaxed touch to the overall design, ideal for warm climates. Its length, which extends from the neck to just below the knees, provides adequate coverage without sacrificing comfort.

Quality material

The caftan is made from 100% viscose, a fabric known for its hypoallergenic properties and excellent breathability, ideal for warm climates. In addition, viscose provides a basic level of insulation in cold temperatures, making it versatile for different weather conditions.

Care Details and Maintenance

To keep the caftan in perfect condition, manufacturers recommend following a series of recommendations, such as using detergents for delicate clothes and avoiding hot water when washing. In addition, the use of a dryer is not recommended to preserve the quality of the fabric.

Available Online

This caftan is currently available through the online portal of El Corte Inglés for a price of 80 euros.

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