Inici » The grand finale of Masterchef: Angela emerges as the undisputed winner

The grand finale of Masterchef: Angela emerges as the undisputed winner

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Angela, the fair winner

The grand finale of Masterchef has reached its culmination, selecting Angela as the undisputed winner of this edition. In an exciting Monday night, the finalists were eliminated one by one until the last choice, which crowned Ángela as the deserving winner of the title.

Angela has demonstrated her superiority in all tests, clearly standing out above the rest. Facing her opponent, Maria, in the final duel, Ángela shone from the first dish, making her excellence clear in every detail of her culinary preparations.

Criticism of other contestants

On the other hand, the night was also marked by criticism of other contestants. Samya has been the subject of harsh criticism after an incident in the kitchen during the outdoor test at Jordi Cruz’s ABaC restaurant. His performance has been questioned by the jury, calling into question his culinary ability.

Gonzalo, for his part, has not managed to stand out among the best of this edition, receiving criticism for his lack of precision and the mistakes made during the program.

Next editions

In addition, it has been announced that the next edition of Masterchef Celebrity will soon arrive on the screens of La 1. With a list of famous contestants that includes names such as Pocholo Martínez-Bordiú, Cristina Cifuentes, Inés Hernand, Pitingo, Hiba Abouk, María León, Francis Lorenzo, Nerea Garmendia, Itziar Miranda, Rubén Ochandiano, Topacio Fresh, Jose Lamuño, Pelayo Díaz, Marina Rivers, Juan Luis Cano and Raúl Gómez, expectations are high to see how this new edition will captivate the public.

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