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Letizia’s influence on the Spanish monarchy

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A smear campaign

The smear campaign against Letizia has had a significant impact on the Spanish monarchy. In recent months, attempts have been made to downplay the Queen’s role after relegating Philip VI to the background. However, after Jaime del Burgo’s statements, Letizia has had no choice but to accept her role as queen consort. Currently, it is dedicated to institutional acts of lesser importance.

A revenge against the Bourbons

Queen Letizia has managed to get her revenge on the Bourbons and has managed to make the Bourbon surname lose relevance. Taking advantage of the moment when the crown resented the actions of Juan Carlos and the Nóos case, she forced her husband to withdraw their institutional functions and the salary they received from the State’s General Budgets. This action has resulted in Leonor, the future queen of Spain, no longer having any relation to this surname.

The influence of the Ortiz Rocasolano family

Letizia had separated Felipe from his family, but continued to reward the Ortiz Rocasolanos. Their mother, Paloma Rocasolano, was the one who took care of Leonor and Sofia when they were small. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he lived with them in Zarzuela. This situation has benefited the Ortiz Rocasolanos, including Telma Ortiz and her partner, and Jesús Ortiz and Ana Togores, although the latter does not have such a close relationship with the queen.

Changes in Zarzuela

Recently, the Bourbons have managed to regain their power and have installed their children in Zarzuela. Miguel and Irene Urdangarin, children of Infanta Cristina, already live in the palace with Queen Sofia and Irene of Greece. While Miguel will stay there indefinitely, Irene will have to leave in September to start her university studies in the UK. In addition, other family members such as Victoria Federica, Froilán and Infanta Elena also take advantage of the emerita’s hospitality to spend time in Zarzuela.

The change of situation

After all these events, the Ortiz Rocasolanos have lost their place in Zarzuela and have been humiliated by the Borbó. Everything is back to normal, and even if Letizia has lost this battle, she is determined not to lose the war. The queen is an ambitious woman and gets everything she wants.

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