Inici » The legacy of Juan Carlos and the new era of the Spanish monarchy

The legacy of Juan Carlos and the new era of the Spanish monarchy

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The decline of Juan Carlos and the arrival of a new generation

The reputation of the Spanish monarchy was affected by the actions of Juan Carlos, leading to the need for generational change. Felipe and Letizia assumed the responsibility of inheriting the throne to try to restore trust in the monarchical institution. The first measure was to force the abdication of the emeritus, followed by his exile to the Arab Emirates, which represented a public humiliation for a monarch. This movement sought to completely disassociate itself from the past, including the Borbón surname.

The renewal strategy

Felipe and Letizia implemented a strategy to divert attention from the past and focus on a new era for the monarchy. This strategy has been successful, especially in the figure of Princess Leonor, who is highly valued by citizens. Her approval is remarkably high, surpassing all other representatives of the crown, including Philip VI.

Juan Carlos’s distancing

Juan Carlos’s distancing is evident in the lack of public interaction with his granddaughter, Princess Leonor, and her absence at significant events, such as the swearing-in of the constitution. It is expected that Juan Carlos will not return to Spain in the short term, given his advanced age and mobility problems. His exile to a country like Portugal, France or Switzerland is proposed as a viable option, benefiting his extensive heritage.

Relationship with his granddaughters

Despite the distance, Juan Carlos has maintained contact with Leonor and Sofía, although he has been denied the opportunity to meet with them on several occasions. The possibility of a meeting in Abu Dhabi was raised, but did not materialize due to restrictions and privacy concerns. The kings consider it inappropriate for their daughters to attend said meeting.

Future perspectives

Juan Carlos’s future in relation to the Spanish monarchy is uncertain, and his absence from public events with his granddaughters since 2019 reflects a continuing estrangement. Meanwhile, the new generation of the monarchy, led by Princess Leonor, represents a significant change and renewal of the institution.

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