Inici » The decline of John Charles I and the new era of the Spanish monarchy

The decline of John Charles I and the new era of the Spanish monarchy

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A change of course to save the crown

Joan Carles has caused great wear and tear on the monarchical institution due to his controversial behavior and the Nóos case, which involved Iñaki Urdangarin and the infanta Cristina. This situation generated widespread mistrust among citizens and endangered the continuity of the Spanish monarchy. Faced with this crisis, Felipe and Letícia were forced to take the reins to try to avoid the imminent disaster.

A new strategy to detach from the past

The first measure was to force the abdication of John Charles, and a few years later he was exiled to the Arab Emirates, an unprecedented public humiliation for a monarch. This decision aimed to completely disassociate from the past, including even the surname Borbó. This strategy has been remarkably successful, especially in the case of Princess Leonor, who is the representative of the crown most valued by the public, followed by Felipe VI.

Total distancing

The distance between Joan Carles and the new generation of the Spanish monarchy is obvious. The last photograph we have of the grandfather and the net dates from 2019, and although they have been publicly reunited on occasions such as the princess’s birthday, images of the interior have been avoided. In addition, Joan Carles was not allowed to attend the swearing in of the constitution, and he left for London on his private plane at midnight, all of which shows a total distancing.

A distant future

Joan Carles is not expected to return to Spain in the near future, mainly due to his advanced age and mobility problems. The possibility is raised that he settles in another city or even in another nearby country, such as Portugal, France or Switzerland, as this would benefit his heritage.

Relationship with daughters

Joan Carles has always wanted to spend time with his granddaughters, Leonor and Sofia, but has received negative feedback from their parents. However, he maintains contact with them and offers them the possibility of visiting him in Abu Dhabi, although these visits are kept secret.

A new beginning

The Spanish monarchy is facing a new era, breaking away from the past and seeking to establish a renewed image. The distancing of Joan Carles and the consolidation of the figure of Princess Leonor are examples of this change of course which seeks to guarantee the continuity of the institution.

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