Inici » Disinfestation in the House of Monsters: An Invasion of Crows Challenges the Giants

Disinfestation in the House of Monsters: An Invasion of Crows Challenges the Giants

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An unexpected find

In a recent routine check, an invasion of corks has been discovered at Casa dels Monstres, the place on Carrer de Sant Llorenç dedicated to the storage and display of Solsona’s festive heritage.

This plague has endangered the majestic beams that support the room where the giants are presented, generating concern between the Geganters de Solsona and the City Council.

Fast and Decisive Actions

To address this situation, the services of Bio Juneda, a company specializing in pest control, have been contracted. This Wednesday, the Bio Juneda team arrived in Solsona to carry out a detailed disinfestation.

The process involves drilling holes in the wooden beams every twenty centimeters and applying an insecticide to kill the corks. The most affected areas are those near the front door, according to Bio Juneda technicians.

Long Term Sustainability

Experts say that while this action will provide a temporary solution, there are no definitive solutions and regular monitoring will be necessary to prevent future pest invasions. In addition, they warn that these situations are common in old buildings, especially in the historic centers of towns and cities.

Temporarily Displaced Giants

To facilitate the work of the technicians, the Giants have been temporarily moved to the Cathedral of Solsona this week. It is estimated that this weekend they will return to the House of Monsters once the disinfestation is complete.

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