Inici » Vidal-Quadras Emerges with a Dystopian Message on Spain and Claims an Attempt on His Life

Vidal-Quadras Emerges with a Dystopian Message on Spain and Claims an Attempt on His Life

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A Political Earthquake in Salamanca

The political landscape in Spain trembled in late 2023 with a shocking incident targeting Aleix Vidal-Quadras. The former president of the Catalan PP and co-founder of Vox was shot outside his home in one of the bustling streets of Salamanca district on November 9.

Initially, the situation seemed critical, but Vidal-Quadras’ injuries were not as severe as feared. After receiving prompt medical attention, he has been recovering in the hospital since then.

Resurfacing with a Bleak Warning

Now, three months later, Vidal-Quadras has reappeared in a video with a message that borders on the apocalyptic. Expressing concern for the very existence of the Spanish nation, he addressed a conference held by the Neos Foundation, a cultural platform presided over by former minister Jaime Mayor Oreja.

In a visibly affected tone, the Vox co-founder asserted that Spain is going through an exceptionally challenging moment in its history. He referenced the recent pact between the PSOE and Junts on terrorism-related offenses in the Amnesty Law.

A Call to Action for National Cohesion

“This is why the work of Neos and numerous civil entities advocating for national cohesion, democracy, and the rule of law is crucial in these times,” he declared. Vidal-Quadras urged continued support for these endeavors, earning applause from the audience.

Parallel Views with Mayor Oreja

Vidal-Quadras’ message aligns closely with that of Mayor Oreja, who, in early December 2023, passionately criticized separatism, the PSOE, the amnesty law, and even made conspiratorial claims about the 2004 March 11 attacks. The former Interior Minister has been a staunch supporter of Vidal-Quadras since the assault.

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