Inici » Scandal on the Rise: Criticism of Bonpreu-Esclat for the Exorbitant Price of Oil

Scandal on the Rise: Criticism of Bonpreu-Esclat for the Exorbitant Price of Oil


An Unjustified Rise in the Price of Oil

In recent months, we have witnessed a remarkable and worrying rise in the price of oil. This situation has generated general discomfort among consumers, negatively impacting their finances.

During this period, many families have had to significantly adjust their budget to continue purchasing oil. This reality has led some of them to look for cheaper alternatives, such as reducing consumption or opting for other varieties of oil.

Reactions on Social Networks

The discomfort of consumers has been expressed forcefully through social networks. Several users have shared their complaints and concerns, denouncing the high prices they have to bear in their purchases.

A user of the social network X (formerly Twitter) expressed her displeasure at the recent increase in the price of the 1 liter carafe of Bonpreu-Esclat white brand oil. His complaint has generated a lively debate about the increase in prices.

“But what kind of joke is this? It’s scandalous and unbearable. We have to stand up once and for all. What are we waiting for?” exclaimed the frustrated consumer, highlighting the absence of demonstrations in the streets. The 1 liter carafe of Bonpreu-Esclat’s white brand costs €9.25.

Debates and Controversies

The user’s complaint has generated several responses from the virtual community. While some agree with the criticism, others defend the prices. One user argues: “€9 a liter of oil may seem expensive, but a €10 wine is consumed in one evening. That’s the level! Go pick olives and you’ll see that it’s an investment.”

This concern about the high price of oil is not exclusive to Bonpreu-Esclat, as many users also point out that Mercadona and Lidl offer oils at very high prices. Comparisons between different brands generate constant debates on social networks.

Conclusion: An Upward Trend That Worries Consumers

The upward trend in the price of oil is a matter of concern to most consumers as it directly impacts the domestic economy. Complaints and debates continue to proliferate on social networks, evidencing the need for reflection on this issue.

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