Inici » LALIGA Impulso will generate 6,291 million euros and 50,000 jobs

LALIGA Impulso will generate 6,291 million euros and 50,000 jobs

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What is LALIGA Impulso?

LALIGA Impulso is an initiative promoted by the CVC fund that will contribute nearly 2,000 million euros to the 44 clubs that have joined to improve their facilities and enhance their international projection, among other aspects. This project aims to modernize professional football in Spain and adapt it to the new challenges and opportunities of the sector.

What benefits will LALIGA Impulso have for the Spanish economy?

According to a report drawn up by the financial consultancy KPMG, entitled ‘Socio-economic impact of professional football in Spain’, LALIGA Impulso will have a positive effect of 6,291 million euros on the country’s economy, both directly and indirectly and induced. This figure represents 0.48% of Spanish GDP.

Job creation

One of the indicators that the report evaluates is the impact of LALIGA Impulso on the labor market. According to the consultancy’s data, the project will lead to the generation of almost 50,000 jobs, of which more than 31,000 will have a primary impact, that is to say, directly linked to the clubs’ investments, while more than 18,000 jobs will originate from the additional investments derived from the drag effect.

Fiscal contribution

In addition, with the launch of LALIGA Impulso, the participating clubs will enter the coffers of the State around 1,274 million euros, of which 798 million will come from the primary investment, and 475 million from the additional investments for the drag effect Thus, the project will contribute to economic growth and at the same time generate employment and business opportunities for companies.

How will LALIGA Impulso funds be distributed by autonomous communities?

The funds of LALIGA Impulso will be distributed among the different autonomous communities according to the number and category of clubs based there. Madrid heads the list with a total of 372 million euros. Andalusia will receive around 368 million euros, and the Valencian Country around 336 million euros. The Basque Country will get around 251 million euros, and Catalonia around 110 million euros. Galicia will receive 96 million euros, Castile and Leon 61 million euros, and Navarre about 52 million euros.

The Canary Islands will receive 48 million euros; in Aragon, 44 million; in Asturias, 39 million euros; in the Balearic Islands, 28 million euros; in Castilla-La Mancha, 7 million euros; in the Region of Murcia, 6 million euros; and in Cantabria, 4 million euros.

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