Inici » The illegal tourism offer in Menorca does not meet the minimum desirable standards

The illegal tourism offer in Menorca does not meet the minimum desirable standards

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Menorca’s Minister of Territorial Planning and Tourism highlights the need for a change in the tourism offer

The Council of Menorca has stated that the illegal tourist offer present on the island does not meet the minimum standards that the island wants to offer to its visitors.

Núria Torrent, Minister of Territorial Planning and Tourism of Menorca, has highlighted the importance of this change to guarantee a quality tourist experience.

He also pointed out that this situation has a negative impact on other aspects, such as the lack of residential rental offers for the island’s residents.

Collaboration to combat the illegal tourist offer

After the meeting held in Fitur between Booking, the Government and the councils, the launch of a pilot project to collaborate in the fight against the offer of unregulated tourist rentals in the Balearic Islands has been announced.

According to Torrent, this project is very interesting as it seeks collaboration between the public and private sectors to combat this problem together.

The Government, together with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports and the island councils, is taking the necessary measures to advance the European regulation that will be approved shortly.

Increased transparency and regulation

Booking’s proposal, in line with the future regulation, aims to improve transparency in the short-term tourist accommodation rental sector and collaborate with the competent authorities to ensure adequate regulation.

This initiative aims to be an early response to the new European regulations that will require the mandatory provision of portals or access keys for the responsible administrations.

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