Inici » Exploring New Worlds: New Fantasy Sanctuary in Vic

Exploring New Worlds: New Fantasy Sanctuary in Vic


A Literary Odyssey: Delusions and Books

Alba Panadero, a passionate reader immersed in the intricate lands of fantasy literature, has decided to open the doors to an unprecedented literary universe in Vic. With determination, he has given life to Deliris i Llibres, a temple for lovers of science fiction, horror and fantasy. In this sanctuary of letters, the adventurous spirit of reading takes flight and unfolds in multiple dimensions.

The Outpouring of Fantastic Emotions

With a passion that grew every time the pages of a book unfolded before her eyes, Alba Panadero decided to turn her hobby into a mission: to offer readers the opportunity to immerse themselves in an unexplored literary world. After years of working in the world of bookstores, he saw a unique opportunity in a place that has now been transformed into the Deliris i Llibres sanctuary.

The Art of Navigating Between Genres

In this fantasy realm, the focus is on the wide spectrum of the fantasy genre, a miscellany that goes beyond conventional perception. Alba Panadero emphasizes the diversity present in her bookstore, where a fantasy book is not confused with a book intended solely for the youth audience. Here, readers can explore from works suitable for the youngest to more adult narratives, full of criticism and intensity.

Weaving Links with Readers

In a world dominated by online shopping, Panadero’s bet on a brick-and-mortar store may seem risky. However, she emphasizes the importance of personal and close treatment with customers as a key factor in attracting them. “I want to establish a connection with readers, offer personalized advice and explore together the possibilities of each work,” emphasizes the bookseller. Proximity through conversation becomes the key to customer loyalty, an experience that goes beyond a simple commercial transaction.

A Refuge for Writers and Readers

Not only readers find refuge in Deliris and Books; also the authors of the genre celebrate the opening of this specialized literary sanctuary. Panadero shares his words about the enthusiasm of writers who see in this bookstore an ideal place to present their works and connect with readers who, perhaps, do not have access to the events in Barcelona.

A Bridge to the English World

Deliris i Llibres not only explores the limits of fantasy in Catalan, but also acts as a bridge to other literary horizons. The bookstore emphasizes its intention to provide a rich fund of books in English, a service difficult to find in the region. The flexibility in the selection of genres in this area is a recognition of the diversity of tastes and preferences of readers.

Weaving the Future of Delusions and Books

While Deliris i Llibres begins its day, Alba Panadero is already dreaming of the future. The bookstore intends to condition the basement space to turn it into a vibrant area: a room for book clubs, presentations and literary workshops. The aim is to foster communion between readers and offer a space where sharing the passion for books goes beyond the printed pages.

In short, Deliris i Llibres emerges as a unique literary sanctuary in Vic, a destination that promises to captivate the imagination of readers, veterans and novices alike. Alba Panadero’s passion for fantastic literature has materialized in a space that goes beyond the mere sale of books; it is an invitation to explore, discover and share the joy of reading in all its diversity.

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