Inici » Carmina Nácher: New Leader of the MAF

Carmina Nácher: New Leader of the MAF

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A Rigorous Selection

Carmina Nácher has been chosen as the new director of the Museu Alcoià de la Festa (MAF), after an exhaustive selection process that attracted 40 applicants.

The Sant Jordi Association opened this process after the death of José Pascual, and Nácher arrives with the mission of leading and preserving the MAF’s heritage and festive history.

Carmina Nácher’s Profile

Graduated in Philosophy and Letters, Geography and History section from the University of Alicante, Nácher has extensive experience in the cultural and political field.

She has held several positions, including Director of Artistic Heritage and Undersecretary of the Department of Culture, Education and Sports of the Generalitat Valenciana. She has also been a Regional Deputy and has had an outstanding career in the field of publishing and cultural management.

An Impeccable Selection Procedure

A specialized company from Alcoi led the selection process. With 40 initial participants, the selection was narrowed down to 6 candidates for the intermediate phase. Of these, 2 were selected for an interview, and Carmina Nácher emerged as the most outstanding candidate.

The Board of Directors expresses its satisfaction with the clear, transparent and fair process, ensuring that the choice of Nácher is a positive boost for the MAF and for the festive and historical wealth of Alcoi.

A New Stage for MAF

With Carmina Nácher as the new director, the MAF begins a new stage. From teaching at the Senior University to his work at the Col·legi Major Ovidi Montllor, Nácher will bring his vast experience to this important cultural site.

We hope that its management will maintain and raise the importance of Alcoi’s heritage and festive history, in honor of the Festival and the people of this city.

With the arrival of Carmina Nácher, the MAF is surely in good hands to continue its mission of preserving and celebrating Alcoi’s rich party tradition.

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