Inici » Another look at the forest: an unknown literary compilation

Another look at the forest: an unknown literary compilation

una dona asseguda a una taula amb una copa de vi davant i un plat de menjar a la taula, Araceli Gilbert, imatge promocional, retrat d'un personatge, arte povera

A new literary voice

Another look at the forest is a compilation of stories that was published in March 2024 by Altra Editorial and was awarded the Documenta Award 2023. Maria Arimany, an author unknown to many, has captivated with her style rich and diverse literature, positioning itself as a new voice in Catalan literature. His stories offer a refreshing and original vision of the forest and nature, fusing the everyday with the natural world in a unique way.

Exploring human emotions

Maria Arimany’s stories are characterized by a simple and delicate language, but at the same time loaded with a deep emotional charge. Through his characters, Arimany explores themes such as sexuality, jealousy, disgust and tenderness, offering a human and realistic view of human emotions and relationships.

A trip to Montseny

Montseny, present in many of the stories, becomes a living setting that connects with readers. Through his stories, Arimany captures the essence of everyday life in this place, exploring themes such as grief, longing and breakups. His ability to portray life in this natural environment is captivating and evocative.

Details that excite

Arimany captures everyday details with exceptional skill, transporting readers to scenes full of life and emotion. His handling of time and actions in the stories is innovative and surprising, offering a unique and immersive reading experience.

A literary promise

With Another look at the forest, Maria Arimany has established herself as a promise of Catalan literature, offering a fresh and authentic vision of the stories. His unique style and ability to capture human emotions make this compilation a must-read for lovers of literature.

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