Inici » Exploring Malamort: A Play in the Beckett Room

Exploring Malamort: A Play in the Beckett Room

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An Immersion in the World of Malamort

The Sala Beckett has opted to include the play Malamort, written by Daniela Feixas, in the Grrec Festival, which will be on display until July 28. In a promotional interview, the author reveals that the writing of the work was influenced by her personal grief, leading her to explore the theme of loss. Despite this, the way she approaches this topic is indirect and mysterious, set in a forest. This is not the first time that Feixas has resorted to this setting, since one of her previous works, titled The Forest (2011), also takes place in a similar environment. In addition, Sweet Sally (2008), another piece by the author, presents suggestive elements related to girls, women and werewolves in a forest.

The Scenography and Setting

The action of Malamort takes place in a high mountain town surrounded by forests, inhabited by characters who attribute their drives and darkness to the foehn effect or humidity. To recreate this environment, set designer Anna Tantull has brought a piece of forest to the Beckett’s room, with brambles, pine needles and dirt, creating an immersive atmosphere. The lighting by Sylvia Kuchinow and the sound design by Judit Farrés contribute significantly to this setting.

The Mystery and Intrigue of Malamort

Daniela Feixas plays with the disorientation of the audience, disturbing it with a subtly poeticized mystery, ominous warnings and disturbing forebodings. The plot, made up of eighteen scenes that alternate between the past and the present, raises questions about the characters and their actions, generating an atmosphere of suspense.

The Characters and Their Conflicts

Malamort’s characters, such as the new forest ranger Marta Marco, the disturbing ex-hunter played by Josep Julien, and the teenager Abril Julien, live in an isolated environment, facing personal conflicts and deep fears. The interaction between them reveals tensions and mysteries that keep the audience in suspense.

Duality and Uncertainty

The work presents a duality between reality and the supernatural, generating uncertainty in the viewer. Symbolic elements, such as personified cats and references to death, contribute to this enigmatic atmosphere, challenging the audience to interpret the meaning behind each scene.

The Malamort Theater Experience

Malamort is a meticulously constructed play, directed by the author herself and starring four excellent actors. Through interactive dialogues and cultural references, the play manages to maintain a balance between humor, suspense and reflection, offering the public a unique and unforgettable theatrical experience.

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