Inici » Job opportunities in Germany: an attractive destination to improve living conditions

Job opportunities in Germany: an attractive destination to improve living conditions

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An ideal destination for Spanish workers

In a labor context where more and more Spaniards are looking for opportunities abroad, Germany is presented as an ideal destination for those who want to improve their living conditions.

An attractive job offer at Leipzig/Halle Airport

Leipzig/Halle Airport in Germany has recently posted a job offer that has caught the eye. The airport is looking for Spanish workers to fill warehouse assistant positions, and one of the conditions is to speak Spanish.

The salary offered is 2,640 euros per month, an attractive proposition for those who want to work abroad.

A unique opportunity in Leipzig

Leipzig/Halle airport is one of the most important in Germany and offers a monthly salary of 2,640 euros for Spanish workers. In addition, the company provides an additional bonus of 500 euros every six months to help with moving expenses.

One of the most interesting features of this offer is that no previous industry experience is required, which opens the doors to a wide range of candidates. The only essential requirement is to have knowledge of English or German (level B1), although speaking Spanish is also highly valued.

The company is responsible for providing the necessary training to new employees, thus ensuring that they can perform their duties effectively.

Attractive working conditions

The jobs offered at Leipzig/Halle Airport stand out not only for the competitive salary, but also for other beneficial working conditions. These include a permanent contract, housing at a fixed rate, five days of work and two days off, and additional payments for night shifts, Sundays and public holidays.

How to apply?

For those interested in this opportunity, the application process is simple. An up-to-date CV, which should not exceed three extension sheets, must be submitted along with a recent photo. In Germany it is common for CVs to be written by hand and in chronological order, emphasizing work experience and academic training.

In addition to the CV, candidates must submit a cover letter or ‘Bewerbung’, outlining their interests and skills as well as their motivation for the position. This document is key in the selection process and can make the difference between being selected or not.

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