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The Battle of Carpi and the Beginning of the War of Spanish Succession

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A Decisive Moment in European History

In 1701, 323 years ago, in Carpi, a battle was fought that would mark the beginning of the War of Spanish Succession. The Austrian army, commanded by Eugene of Savoy, faced the French army, led by Nicolas Catinat. This event took place after the death without issue of the monarch Charles II of Spain and the opening of the will in favor of Felipe de Bourbon. This led to tensions and conflicts that sparked a war that would last until 1715.

Diplomacy and the Creation of Alliances

Between 1700 and 1701, the Austrian chancellery promoted an intense diplomatic campaign that culminated in the creation of the Austrian International Alliance. This alliance was made up of several kingdoms and territories, including England, the Netherlands, Portugal, the independent Duchy of Savoy and the Catalan-Aragonese crown. This alliance deployed great military power, which was manifested in the theater of war in the north of the Italian peninsula.

The Result of the Battle and the Consequences

The battle was favorable to the Austrians, eliminating French influence in the region and opening new opportunities for other actors, such as the Republic of Genoa. This new landscape facilitated the role of Genoa as a strategic point of negotiations. This victory marked a turning point in the conflict.

The Paper of Catalonia and the Meeting in Genoa

In 1705, the Catalan Austrian party met in Genoa with representatives of the English government and signed an agreement that recognized Catalonia as a political subject with the right to decide its future. This agreement also provided for other measures, such as the appointment of Carles d’Habsburg as independent count of Barcelona and the involvement of Catalonia in the conflict as another actor.

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